Sunday, February 24, 2013


It has been almost 20 years since the band from Italy saw the light of day, and this album is going to be their 8th so far. The band starts their new effort with a killer opener, featuring Russel Allen on vocals, and prepare the listener for what's about to happen in the best possible way. DGM has one foot in Progressive, but often brings elements from other styles into their music, making this album an easy listener not only for Prog die-hards, but for fans of Metal music in general. What is astonishing is the music virtuosity here, since all members are doing a great job, sometimes creating music that is breath taking, complex but also easy to explore. The album contains both fast and mid tempo tracks, with each following the other, creating a very interesting contradiction, that adds to the whole album atmosphere. There is no weak point on this album, in any way you see it. All musicians are excellent, and they don't miss a chance to show their skills on each track, but without become boring, or dominating the other instruments. Songs almost close to perfection, with excellent melodies, perfect vocals, memorable parts, catchy moments to sing along, and lots of changes, all blended into a powerful and well crafted mixture. What's most important is that the album stands the test of time, and never loses it's power to amaze those that admire good quality music. Guest appearances, like Russel Allen, or Jorn Viggo Lofstad add points to the whole result. Without music that is complex just for being complex, but with each change happening in a natural way, this is an album that you can be sure will give you hours of listening pleasure.  

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