Friday, March 08, 2013

PRETTY MAIDS - Motherland

It has always been a certain something that make Pretty Maids one of my favorite bands all those years. Maybe it's their ability to create melodies and grooves, to shift styles without leaving their music track, and to create songs that really capture your mind. Their previous release was a big hit amongst fans, and this one continues the journey from the place Pandemonium stopped. There was a feeling in that album that brought memories of their early days, and chills to fans worldwide, and you will be happy to hear that the same chills are still here. The band seems to be in a second youth, and makes it obvious with their ease to create songs that bear all the trademarks of the band. Melodies are the key point here, either created by keyboards or from guitars, they are always plenty and well worked. The songs are well written, without less good moments, and with a variety that sometimes amazes the listener, but without leaving far from the Melodic Hard Rock path they chose to follow. There are songs that are more aggressive, bringing "Red Hot and Heavy" memories in mind, where the band shows it's more fast and furious side, but also times where things slow down to excellent ballads and catchy choirs. There are plenty of ideas here, tunes that will really make you sing along and move with the rhythm, memorable parts that stick in to your mind long after the song is over. Musicwise the band is in a top shape, from the vocals of Ronnie Atkins who gives a remarkable performance in each song, no matter which style, to the rhythm section, the riffs and the keyboard melodies. As much as I avoid talking about specific songs, I couldn't help but point The Iceman, for it's fast and groovy rhythm, and it's memorable sing along parts and Wasted for the remarkable performance of Ronnie Atkins, with the other songs also moving on the same high standards level. To me the most important is that the music was also a travel back in their early days, and brought some of the feelings of this era, which makes it even more valuable. Great job.

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