Monday, March 04, 2013

SOILWORK - The Living Infinite

As much as I like those guys, when I saw the tracklisting, "You gotta be kidding me" was the first thing that came in mind. Let's face it, a double album contains a lot of risks, and no matter how much talent or good songwriting a band puts into it, there's no easy way to avoid traps and moments that things get repetitive or indifferent. Thankfully once again, Soilwork created an album that meets the high standards the band has set for their brand name, and for sure won't leave anyone disappointed. The band is playing Melodic Death Metal, but so enriched by many influences and various styles that leaves you speechless. Melodies are plenty and come up from almost everywhere, being the most dominant element of this album. Either they are created by guitars, from keyboards, or plain and simple melodic vocal lines, they are amazing and well worked. While the album is not very far from the Melodic Death style the band has performed all those years, they are exploring new territories and incorporate elements into their music, something that helps the music remain interesting, and hold pleasant surprises for the listener till the end. The vocals are perfect, moving from the classic Death growls to clear and sometimes melodic forms, almost always having the leading role of the whole album. The guitars are also very good, delivering some cool Thrashy riffs and superb shredding solos, while the keyboards add a slight Prog touch to the whole album at times, which really works well. Fast, diverse, aggressive and perfectly realized, this album might sound a bit too much, length wise, but once you get caught in the music, there's no way to let it go until it ends. It might not be their best record so far, but certainly it's their most ambitious one. And with the talent the band has, there's much more to wait from them.

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