Friday, March 01, 2013

THE TOSSERS - The Emerald City

Although I am not an Irish, nothing prevented me from adoring this bar oriented style of music, that has one foot into Celtic traditional music, and the other on Rock-Punk. Right from the first moment, the listener will be chanted by the great blend of traditional instruments like mandolin, banjo, fiddle or harp, with guitars and drums, and the interesting mixture of those different styles the band brings. The band comes from Chicago, and exists for about twenty years, while this is their 8th release so far. Their style is as straightforward as it can be, and this is the bigger weapon of this album. The band starts with music that is meant for having a good time, and as much alcohol as possible with friends at a bar, and continues with the same motive, without become boring or losing the up-tempo feeling at any moment. Melodies are plenty, catchy beyond imagination, and the whole album is a party from start to finish. While listening to it, you can't help but participate, moving your head along with the rhythm, tapping you feet, or simply letting the music inspire you while sipping some beer. The songs are well worked, groovy enough, with fitting vocals, and nice ideas. Folk side sometimes dominates the Rock one, but one can't exist without the other, working as a whole, with plenty and well worked melodies, nice musicianship from everyone, and assure a good time, being an Irish or not. It's really hard not to like this alcohol soaked album, no matter where you are from. Music that is meant for parties, for drinking and being watched live, be sure not to miss this album.

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