Monday, April 29, 2013

D-A-D - Dic.nii.lan.daft.erd.ark

D-A-D was a band that always surprised me with their unique sound, and the way they created music that made you sing along, while their grooves stuck into your mind way after the song has finished. I was quite curious of what this new album was about to deliver, and right from the first song, the band shows that their ability to create music, and I mean music that is inspired and unique, hasn't changed over the years. D-A-D is a band that comes from Denmark, and is proudly releasing their 11th album so far, so this one comes as a double CD, with the second CD packed with live recordings and acoustic versions of their songs. The good about this album is that has something to offer to all fans of the band, and maybe to all fans of hard Rock in general. You have fast and groovy tunes, guitar riffs, and parts to sing along? Sure, it has plenty of those. Softer and more melodic moments? It has some of these also. Bluesy guitars and vocals? Yes, there are here as well. This is an album that is so diverse, and sometimes is absolutely amazing. The songs are well written, and bear all the trademarks of the band, from the distinctive vocals of Jesper Binzer, to the crunchy guitar riffs, and the excellent grooves, everything screams D-A-D here. All of their arrangements are good, from the arena Rock bangers, to their softer and more mellow moments, all are worked in a way that leaves no space for errors, while there are moments where the band explores new territories, adding things to their music, enriching the result to the maximum. The memorable parts, a thing vital to a Hard Rock album are plenty and diverse as with everything else. From refrains to melodies that stick into your mind, but also parts where the music is more complicated and mind intriguing, there's plenty to discover here, and even more to like with each listening. So whether you stay on the surface, enjoy the music from the simplest to the more complex songs, or dive deep into their last effort, D-A-D are offering what a great Rock n Roll album should. Kick ass music, killer melodies, lots of parts to bang and sing along, and a sense of humor that gives this album an uplifting mood, even in it's darker moments. Enjoy.

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