Monday, April 22, 2013

MORTAL FORM - The Reckoning

Mortal Form saw the light of day one day back in 1999 in Holland. After quite some time of hard practicing and live performing, it took about a decade for the band to release their debut full length album, in 2008, while some demos being released in the previous years. So, this is their second work so far, and I am sure slowly they are gaining more and more fans, with their devoted style of music. Speaking of music, the band is playing a mixture of Death and Thrash, they chose their style from their early days, and they continue to shape their music according to it. What's good is that they combine best of both worlds, and their album is fun to listen till the last minute. First of all, they are trying to take the most important elements of each style, and blend them into their own music. Thrashy guitar riffs, energy and grooves, co-exist with brutal vocals, and sometimes blastbeasting, creating a result that often is simply astonishing. First we start with the vocals, with most of them being brutal and raw, but there are also moments where they are closer to more traditional Thrash forms. Either way, vocals are simply amazing, and fit perfectly with the music. The music is quite interesting also, blending extreme Metal elements, but also enough guitar melodies and some shredding in the solos. Along with that there are countless headbanging parts and killer riffs, and a rhythm section that sounds like a machine, creating the perfect atmosphere for the die hard Thrasher to bang along. The songs are very good and there are enough ideas the band is exploring, although not leaving the Thrash-Death path they chose to follow. With the majority of the songs moving on the same good quality, with some surprises hidden here and there, and with music that is catchy and will make you bang your head along, this album is highly recommended for the fans of the genre.

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