Wednesday, May 15, 2013

42 DECIBEL - Hard Rock n Roll

It's that certain something that makes you like this band, it's the music they play, the atmosphere, and the way they do it. The band is from Argentina, and their debut album consists on 12 alcohol soaked tunes, that makes it an instant hit. It's not that their music is original or innovative, cause it's not. It's a mixture of ACDC, Airbourne, ZZ-TOP and various other bands, but it contains what we call soul. From the first moment, you start banging your head with the rhythm and you don't stop until the music is over, you sing along, tap your feet with the grooves, and in general you make all those movements that tag an album as catchy and groovy. The vocals are good, a bit ACDC-like, but fitting with the music, and the atmosphere they create in this album is very good also. Another strong point is the guitar works, and some of the solos sometimes are simply amazing, showing that the band has the skills to create even better things in the future. The songwriting is good, if you don't mind the originality of the material, but the atmosphere and the party feeling the music has, is more than a generous reward. The production is also good, clear and rough enough, exactly the kind of production such an album should have. Songs talking about women, booze, and partying, this album is the ideal companion while driving or having some drinks with friends at a bar. It shows that the band has the spirit, and is talented enough to write material for having a good time. After all, that's what Rock n Roll really is, fun.  

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