Monday, May 13, 2013


The journey of the band started back in Helsinki in 1990, and this release is their eleventh so far. Being a huge admirer of the work of the band in the past, this new album comes to assure that the spark is here, and all the things that made Amorphis, are present and strong as ever. Right from the first moment, the band blasts your ears with their mix of Swedish Death Metal, with tons of Melodic moments, Folk elements, enough Doom influences, and a dark and somehow melancholic atmosphere that is widespread in the album. The first thing that draws attention are the vocals. The ability of Tomi Joutsen to perform with excellent quality, with both clear and growling vocals is simply amazing at times, and makes you just listening the specific part over and over again. Alongside with the performance comes the music of course, and once again the band has chosen a well known path, but still hold some surprises and little secrets for the cautious listener to reveal. Stunning guitar melodies and riffs, that bring some of the Northern chill, and create an ominous atmosphere though the whole album, a sence of despair and misery that doesn't leave way after the music is finished. The rhythm section is excellent, providing the perfect background, delivering with the same quality no matter if the song is slow or faster and more groovy. The songwriting is impressive, with lyrics dealing with Finnish mythology, with no less good moments, or songs that could be called indifferent. There's enough variety here, a little something for everyone, from the melodic and catchy tunes and sing along parts, to more darker and heavier moments that remind of their early days, the band has done a really good job in this aspect and this is a big plus. The production of Peter Tagtgren comes to complete the music and gives his personal touch to this release. Breathtaking indeed.

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