Tuesday, May 21, 2013

HAVOK - Unnatural Selection

Havok is one of those bands that manage to revive the spirit of 80's Thrash by releasing albums that capture some of the feeling and atmosphere of Thrash of that era. This is their third album so far, and although not far from their previous works, has some significant differences that show that the band evolves, without sacrificing what they like to do. First let's say that this one hell of a Thrash album again. With no buts, no less good moments, no weak parts, all things are top class and put into place for creating a maximum result. The album starts with a blast to the ears, with some of the finest Thrash music, with the music instantly become a a hit. I can't imagine what the result will be, when this new material will be performed live. I can assure you though that it's as catchy and as groovy as their previous works, and will make you move your head with their frenzy rhythm from the start. The vocals are excellent, definitely as retro as could be, but always well performed and fitting with the music. Another strong point of the music is the guitars who are overproducing high quality riffs, full of energy and aggression, but also creating some fine melodies and complex solos. And last, but not least, comes the sound of the drums, which were recorded on a theater according to the band, something that gives a more spectacular feeling. The songs are very good, well arranged and perfectly performed, with the band trying to preserve the old school feeling of the music, but also trying to add with a bit more complex elements showing that their songwriting is maturing as well. The production is also very good, clear enough but carefully preserving the atmosphere and the feeling of the album. As a sweet addition comes a cover of Black Sabbath's Children Of The Grave, which is not Thrash but is a good opportunity for the band to show their skills. As with their previous two releases, this one took me back a log way in time. When we were kids, and ice cold beers, some smokes, a stereo and a couple of quality Thrash LPs, was all we wanted for having a party. And as I often miss this time, whenever a band manages to capture the same spirit it makes the experience even more welcome.

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