Friday, May 10, 2013

SIR REG - 21st Century Loser

It was about a year and a half when their previous album came to my hands, and I still remember how much fun was to listen to it, so when this new release came, I was expecting a next logical step for the band. This is the third release of the band, who has it's roots in Ireland, homeland of the singer-guitarist Brendan Sheehy, but lives and creates music in Sweden. Once again, as with their last release, the band gives music that has two layers, appealing for everyone. If you chose to stay in the surface, you will enjoy some fine class Irish Punk Rock music. Songs full of melodies, groove and parts to sing along, ideal for listening while hanging with friends, or having some beers at a local bar, this album is certainly uplifting and fun to listen to. The songs are well written, varying from fast tempo tunes, to slower and more mellow moments, everything is perfectly crafted and fit into place, so by the time the last song stops, it makes you wanna listen over and over again. On the other hand, if you want to dig deeper into their music, you have to read the lyrics, where you will find a band that has something to say, about politics, about the things that happen in the world today, and this message is loud and clear from the first moment. Musicwise the album is almost perfect, with instruments like violin, bouzouki and fiddle pointing out it's folk influences, while the guitars and the rhythm section hardens the whole result, aiming for an wider audience. There is no less good moment here, or things that could have been done in a better way. Of course the songs are somehow dominated by Brendan Sheehy and his Irish accent which fits perfectly with the music, but rest assured that every musician here is doing a remarkable work. With good quality in music, a variety in flavors that amazes the listeners, and a perfect production this album is a notable successor of Sign Of Times. Although a bit more mature and slightly different at times, I am sure fans around the globe will appreciate this effort.

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