Monday, May 27, 2013

THE SILENT WEDDING - Living Experiments

The band saw the light of day sometime in 2006, and during all these years they have released only an EP but have participated in many live shows. Living Experiments is their debut full length, but from the first minute it's obvious that we are dealing with a very experienced band. Their music is quite hard to tag, combining various elements and styles, but if you have to categorize it, it's a mixture of Power Metal with Progressive influences, but certainly their sound is not limited to only this. The cautious listener will discover various influences, and each song having it's own identity and style, something that definitely makes this album a very interesting one. The first thing we noticed as the album starts to play is the ability of the band to create music that moves on high quality levels, combining their various influences and elements into music that is always catchy, mind intriguing and practically has no weak moments. There's enough variety here, with their songs having their own personality, and the band experimenting with techniques and styles, without straying from the general motive though. Another thing that impresses is the melodies, from both guitars and keyboards, sometimes simple and catchy, other times more complex but equally great. On the other hand, whenever the band wants to harden their sound, it's done with ease, and the result is also amazing and well worked. Musicwise the band is very talented and this is obvious from the very first moment. A rhythm section that kills, whether things are slow or faster and more aggressive, guitars that often flirt with shredding and vocals that are always fitting with the atmosphere and the style of the song, are the things that you will find here. While their music is catchy and often groovy enough to stick into your mind, there's always things under the surface, something that makes their effort even better. A way to go guys. Looking forward for your next one.

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