Thursday, May 30, 2013


Amazed by their debut effort as many others, I had high expectations for their follow up, and some worries if they could return with a better result. Voodoo Highway formed in 2010 in Italy, and their sound is 100% American, a beautiful mix of Melodies and fine Hard Rock that will please all fans. Right from the start, the band blasts with the opener theme, and prepare us for what's to come, no less that pure Hard Rock, full of energy, good vibes, melodies and top class performance. Lured into this sonic trap, and with the rhythm take over, you will find yourself singing along, tapping your feet and participating in general with each given chance, this album is fun to listen to from start to finish. The music is diverse and uplifting, with huge melodies, a quite solid rhythm section, and very good vocals. A special mention needs to be done for the keys, and their melodies, which give a Deep Purple touch to the music, and often enhanced by the way of singing, or the style of the specific song, making them one of their most obvious influences. The band is also doing a great job in the composing section, creating songs that are moving on the same Hard Rock path, with all the trademarks of the style, but with enough ideas and things to be explored. Melodies are plenty and well worked, and so are the choruses, and you will find yourself mumbling the melodies long after each song has finish. An excellent work has also been done in the guitars, creating some excellent grooves and riffs, but also delivering with high technique in the solos. The production is clear enough, but not as polished to ruin the result, and completes the album then way it deserves. Packed with high quality songs, excellent performance, and music that will bring their career one step up, this is definitely a solid step forward for the band. Get yourself some cold beers, some good friends and enjoy. Better yet, catch them live whenever you have the chance to.

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