Tuesday, June 04, 2013


Having missed their latest releases, but with their first ones being still amongst my favorite listening, specially Something Wild, I was quite excited when this one came to my hands. With the first moments blasting out of the speakers I realized that the band still contains some of the magic that made such a huge impact during the 90's, only this time is a bit more modern and updated. The band starts with a classic Bodom styled tune, fast and groovy, with the shredding guitars of Alexi dominating the song, but with a brutal sonic carpet on the back, and equally brutal vocals that fitting perfectly with the music. An excellent song to start with, and the band continues with the same style and tempo, something that will make all fan of their music more than happy. Their music is a mixture of Death Metal, Thrash elements, tons of super catchy melodies, shredding guitar solos, and brutal vocals. A style of their own, perfected over the years, and somehow modernized since their early days. Another breathtaking thing is the keyboards of Janne Wirman who competes in virtuosity the guitar melodies of Alexi, giving an interesting duel effect, and certainly adding to the whole result. Musicianship is almost close to perfection, from the guitars to the keyboards, but also the rhythm section, everyone is doing an excellent work, making this album flawless and interesting from start to finish. An equally good work has been done in the songwriting, where the band holds a few surprises for the listener, straying a bit from their musical path. This is where the band has experimented the most, creating songs that still are 100% C.O.B., but there are also tunes like Dead Man's Hand On You, which sounds like it has escaped from a different album, and starts in a melodic In Flames way. Like all albums of the band, it needs some time to grow on you, although there are moments where the music is more direct, but after a while, you will more things to like here. The guys are back, and they are back with a Blast!  

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