Friday, June 21, 2013

DIABOLICAL - Neogenesis

This is the new release of the Swedish Death band, and certainly a release that is interesting and unique. The fifth album of the band is something that I haven't seen before, it's a concept album based on a book that was written by the band's guitar player, and describes the end of the world and what lies beyond that, and each song of the album represents a chapter in the book. Although the book didn't come to my hands, the music that comes with it is definitely amazing, and goes beyond the narrow borders of Death Metal. The music is aggressive and raw enough, with brutal vocals and crunchy guitar riffs, a bit more brutal than the typical Swedish Death release, but also contains more than plenty of melodies that stick into your mind. What stays in mind though, is the diversity of the music, and the variety of the whole album, which contains from the straightforward Death Metal songs, to more complex songs containing choirs, strings, and plenty of tempo changes. This means that the album is quite hard to get into, but contains enough hidden diamonds awaiting to be discovered, while definitely this kind of music stands the test of time, and makes you wanna listen over and over again. The vocals are a mixture of Death and Black, fitting perfectly with the intensity of the music, while the choirs and backing vocals adding to the atmosphere of the music. Another impressive thing here is the rhythm section, which performs with a swiss clock precision, both the fast and the slower parts. The guitar riffs are also plenty and interesting enough, while the melodies and solos are well worked and contain some catchy melodies. The arrangements are very good also, with enough ideas and complex structures, which gives a touch of Progressive to their music. The production is as heavy as should be, and completes the album in the best possible way, preserving the atmosphere and the various details of the music. Raw and intense as their previous works, but also complex and mind intriguing, with a perfect blend between brutality and melody, excellent musicianship, plenty of things to discover, and a killer atmosphere to surround it, this album is a sonic pleasure all the way. And although should be listened while reading the book, it's a perfect stand alone release as well.

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