Tuesday, June 18, 2013

MASTERPLAN - Novum Initium

To many, the replacement of Jorn Lande in Masterplan was a reason not to follow the band, but for many, the addition of a singer of the caliber of Rick Altzi, gives a new perspective to the music of the band. The fact is that the band returns with a new line up three years after their previous work, and according to the founding member, Ronald Grapow, this new line up will be a fresh start for them, giving them the ability to present this new material to their fans. And to be honest, their music sounds fresh, and kinda back to their roots, that the album is pure fun to listen all the way to the end. First of all we have the singing of Rick Altzi, also known for his great work in Thunderstone and At Vance, who fit perfectly with the style of the music. He is capable of amazing things, and if you listen the whole album carefully, you will too be amazed by his vocal range and his performing skills in general. The guitar melodies of Ronald Grapow are once again brilliant, and so are the riffs and the rhythm section in general. This time, the arrangements are more Power Metal compatible, if there is such a term, but with touches of progressive here and there. The songs are super catchy, with a lot of headbanging parts, enough variety, tons of guitar and keyboard melodies, and plenty of moments where you find yourself singing along, or following the rhythm. Along with that, the band doesn't afraid to explore other paths, with slower moments, and more complex forms, often with a good result, but others with not much success, although those few moments don't spoil the fun at all. It might sound like an easy album to follow, and to some point it is, but if you dare to dig deeper, your will find plenty of things to await to be discovered. If I had to pick songs to suggest, it would be The Game, a fast opener groovy song, ideal for headbanging, and certainly a song made to be performed live, and Black Night Of Magic, for it's Stratovarius-like style. But these are just an appetizer, since the album has no flaws, or things that might sound indifferent.

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