Tuesday, August 06, 2013

SANDSTONE - Delta Viridian

This is the fourth release of the Irish band, a band that has one foot into Power Metal, but enriches their music with a huge dose of Progressive Rock, something that makes the album mind intriguing and fun to listen to. The brief and melodic intro leads to a song that starts as a Power Metal tune, but makes things more complicated as it goes. The same thing is though the whole album, where simple an straightforward melodies lead to more complex forms and the whole thing creates an expectation for the listener, eager to listen more and more, and discover things. Multi layered and well written, the album contains music that appeals to both Power and Prog fans, but any Metal fan will find things to like here. The first thing to impress is the vocals, and the singer is doing a perfect job, with his remarkable way of singing. Another strong point of the album is the melodies which are more than plenty but always well worked and put exactly into place to create maximum effect. The rhythm section is also very good, technical enough and manages to deliver no matter the style or the tempo changes. The songwriting is brilliant, with enough variety in the music, and plenty of elements to keep the listener focused until the end. The band has tried, and partially succeeded to create music that contains enough influences, without losing it's personality, and this makes this album even more catchy and honest. From the bangers like Fortress, to mind intriguing Vitruvian Man with the guest vocals of Tim Ripper Owens, and Monument, the band contains a fistful of diamonds ready to be discovered. So, sit back, relax, and give this album a cautious listening. The result is more than certain that will please you.

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