Tuesday, September 10, 2013


This is the second release of the Swedish AOR band, following their 2010 debut album. To start, let's mention that the influences of this band are more than obvious through the whole album, but they have created such a magnificent bunch of songs that the similarities with their heroes is more than welcome. The band is playing AOR-Melodic Rock, and there are moments where their performance is much more mature and experienced than one could predict from their years of existence. Melodies are the most vital part of this release, from the excellent keyboards that sound so much like the 80's, to the great guitar riffs, and the fitting vocals, the band has done a perfect job in every aspect to create an album that might sound like a tribute to the scene, but also has a personality of it's own. The sound is not retro or oldfashioned, but is AOR of 2013, and the band has tried and incorporated several personal elements into the music, making it even more interesting. The choice of songs is excellent, with no weak points and things that sound not interesting, and with each song having it's own hidden treasures and unique moments. Music-wise the band is also doing a perfect work, from the melodies of the keyboards and guitars, to the rhythm section and the vocals, everything is so well worked that sometimes amazes. Very soon your will find yourself captured from the rhythm, singing along, and following the melodies long after the song is over. For sure the band is a huge fan of Survivor, Toto, Journey, just to name a few, but their music is much more that just a mere copy, it has the spirit and the soul, and they often dare to explore new paths in their songs. It's radio friendly, catchy, melodic and highly enjoyable. Congrats guys.

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