Thursday, October 17, 2013

ASCENSION - Far Beyond The Stars

This is the debut album of the Aberdeen based band which was formed back in 2004 but suffered some changes until they found a solid line up in 2009. The style of the band is not quite easy to explain since they combine various influences and a cautious listener will find things familiar throughout the album. Basically them are playing Power Metal, but not they typical one, although this album doesn't lack on cliche that make it even more catchy. The first and most important influence is their kinda Dragoforce-like of performing, with the speed and the technicality, the virtuosity in guitars and the galloping drums. Songs like the opener, show exactly what will follow and the rest of the album continues with huge doses of speed, melody, adrenaline and great musicianship. The singer is another strong point of the band, capable of delivering high pitched notes and lowering to more Rock or Progressive forms with the same quality and ease. His vocals are always exceptional, well worked and driving the songs to higher levels of quality. Songwriting is also very good. There is not a single moment where you get the feeling that things could have been done in a better way, and the songs variety is also carefully crafted to keep the listener eager for more. It might as an easy album at first, and in some extent it really is, if you choose to stay on the surface, and amuse yourself with the catchy choruses, the melodies, and the groovy parts that make you wanna sing along and follow the rhythm. But under the hood little diamonds are there, like Orb Of The Moons or The Avatar that shows the band exploring new territories with the same quality. Influences from Helloween, melodies from Iron Maiden, and various other bits and pieces can also be found here and there, but, they all add to the whole result and make it even more shiny. For a debut album, it's certainly a hit. And the future only knows what will bring for them, but judging from this, it will only be good.

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