Thursday, October 10, 2013

EDEN'S CURSE - Symphony Of Sin

The story of the band starts back in 2006, and this is their fourth full length album so far. What started as a side project, and draw the attention of many respectable guest musicians, has turned into a regular band, and with the addition of a new singer, they are here today to present their latest effort. Those that have heard their previous album, will find themselves easier to follow the music, although the new one doesn't lack of surprises. The band is playing Power Metal, full of melodies and catchy choruses, parts to sing along and moments where the rhythm makes your move along. But, along with that the band has moments where 80's elements reach the surface, making the whole album a constant surprise. There are moments where a melody reminds of a classic 80's song, others where the vocals are closer to Hard Rock or AOR, same with a guitar solo, or a bridge, but all these without sounding like copying or uninspired. The band sounds fresh and on top shape, and the addition of the Serbian singer Nikola Mijic, whose performance is exceptional. He can transform his way of singing according the style, from AOR to Power Metal, and he can do it with the same quality and ease that leaves the listener eager for what's to come. Same goes with the guitar melodies and riffs, they are well worked, and always draw the attention of the listener. Keyboards are plenty and play a vital role, since they are mostly responsible for the creation of this 80's atmosphere. As the album finishes you get the feeling that the band is playing much longer that they actually do, and this is a really good thing, considering they will also perform this material live. The arrangements are well worked, with no less good moments, from bombastic Power Metal anthems, like Unbreakable, or Evil and Divine, to mid paced tunes like Rock Bottom, everything is carefully crafted, with excellent musicianship and performance. All in all, is an album that will establish the name of the band to a wider audience, a real must-have for each Melodic Metal fan, and big step forward in their career.


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