Tuesday, October 29, 2013

KATAKLYSM : Waiting For The End To Come

Kataklysm is one of the oldest Death Metal bands of Canada, a country that somehow is a trademark when it comes to quality of Metal music. The new release of the Canadians moves a bit closer to the Gothenburg scene, although glimpses of the past also exist, something that gives a multi layered nature to the album. The first thing, as I mentioned before, is that the band has used a lot more melodic elements into their Death Metal, but without making the result less aggressive. The album starts with the usual Kataklysm sound, a sonic blast of full speeds, growls and sheer brutality. But as the album progresses the bands shows no will to rest on their glory, but starts to explore new ground, implementing more melodies without sacrificing the energy and the aggression. The other thing we noticed is the excellent work that has been done by all musicians, from the great vocals of Mauricio Iacono to the huge riffs and melodic guitar parts of Jean Francois Dagenais, although a special mention needs to be done for the drummer, Oli Beaudoin. He is doing a great job, either in the most melodic parts or the super human blastbeats, he performs with the same quality and ease. The songs are very good, although there is a slight repetition in forms and melodies here and there, but they are all in such a top quality level that this might not even be a flaw at all. Balanced between oldschool Death and Melodic Death, and combining the best of both worlds, this album is an absolute hit, showing a band that doesn't afraid to experiment and explore new territories. The turn in their sound might seem strange to some, but it definitely worked for me, left me eager for their next releases. After all, the song they chose to close this album, also works as a promise.

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