Wednesday, November 06, 2013

FLOATING WORLDS - Below The Sea Of Light

Having the pleasure to witness the band from their first release some years ago, and being informed about future shows and tiny bits of their next steps, the new album came as no surprise, or so I thought when I started watching their video clip Amyrah, about a month ago. The fact is that the song is just one side of the coin, maybe the most representing side, but still one side. The band is playing a mixture of Power Metal and Progressive, often letting each side dominate the other and this gives a multilayered album, that has always something to give and things to discover. Melody is more important here than style, and the band always searches for the perfect melodies to include into each song, something that I think elevates their music to another level. Not limited to a certain style, they can create songs that are closer to Classic Power Metal, others with more complex Progressive structures, but all with the same quality. It seems that it took them some time to complete the album, but this works in favor of the arrangements and the overall quality. While each band member does a remarkable job, from the guitars of Andreas to the solid rhythm section, I feel the need to mention the work that has been done in the keyboards, and of course the singer. Keyboards are managing to add depth to the music, and some of the melodies and intros are simply breathtaking. The same goes for Jon Soti, who does wonders behind the mic, often with the help of the female vocals of Christina. Guitar riffs are plenty and straight to the point, while the solos are melodic enough, although I would prefer some more complexity in them. It's really hard not to like this album, or find things that are not worked to the last detail. With arrangements that sometimes catch you by surprise, without limit themselves in forms, and with performance that sometimes brings you goosebumps, this is a release you should check out.

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