Monday, December 02, 2013

RHAPSODY OF FIRE - Dark Wings Of Steel

Like many fans worldwide I was quite anxious about how the band would sound without one of their main gears in their machine. It was 2012 when Luca Turilli left the band seeking new challenges for his work, leaving the rest of the band seeking new inspiration and continuing the legend. What seemed like a turning point though ends up into a very interesting approach and right from the first minute, the band is making it's statement loud and clear for everyone. They continue to play the same mixture of Power Metal, with tons of Symphonic elements, the kind of music that made them so famous all those years. All the things the fans loved with their previous works, are here, from the catchy choruses to the Epic elements, and the pompous arrangements, everything is here to assure that this change won't stop the train from running. On the other hand, this time things are a bit more traditional, and a bit more dark to fit the title. While all trademarks are here, this time the atmosphere is a bit more Metal and more harsh than before, giving a very interesting aspect to the music of the band, and maybe a glimpse of what's to come. Musicwise the album is moving on the same quality level, with huge arrangements, parts to sing along, catchy music and performances. To talk about the keyboard melodies of Staropoli or the work of Fabio Lione on vocals would be meaningless, since both musicians need no introduction or proof of their skills, but we have to mention the guitar work that has been done by Roby De Michelli. He is mostly responsible for the shift to a more Metal sound, with his catchy riffs and solos, and being the only guitarist on this album he has done a remarkable job. The arrangements are well worked, with enough diversity to please both new and old fans. Songs that contain all of the trademarks of the band, but also don't afraid to strip down to more natural and Metal forms, this album has more than enough breathtaking moments. For those who still have concerns, give this album some time, and you won't regret.  

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