Monday, August 21, 2006

REQUIEM - Government Denies Knowledge

The story of the band starts back in 1997, and this is their second full length release so far. The band comes from Switzerland, and are playing old school Death Metal. Their music is violent and aggressive enough, but also inspired from the 80's Thrash, some Slayer, some Possessed style riffs, here and there, something that made us respect the album even more. The music is in your face Death Metal, but there are enough melodies, groovy tunes, and parts to bang your head along with the rhythm. There are some nice ideas here, and the majority of those are well explored into the music. Another good thing is that the music is not repetitive, and keeps the interest of the listener until the end. May not be the most innovative album but contains well performed and honest music. Check it out.


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Manos said...

The problem with this release is that lacks of originality and fresh ideas. The band itself doesn't seem to enjoy what they play and so does the listener! Boring stuff...