Wednesday, April 18, 2007


The story of the band started back in 2000, as a side project, but transformed into a full working group. This is the first release of the band, an album that made quite an impact, although the band consists on well known and experienced musicians. Crescent Shield is a band that plays music rooted deep into Classic Metal, but mostly characterized as US Power Metal. With Epic elements, rhythmic and groovy songs, excellent vocals and musicianship, there's hardly few things not to like on this album. The album smells 80's, but the whole feeling are also up-to-date, something that will please the fans. Expect no fillers, only pure and top US Power Metal, with songs catchy enough to make you start moving your head around. Another excellent and interesting option, is that you can hear all the songs, with a voiceover of course, and see what's expecting you. I am sure that this is not the last we have heard from this band, and for sure the future will hold even better little gems like this one.

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