Wednesday, April 18, 2007

MAEL MORDHA - Gealtacht Mael Mordha

This band comes from Ireland, and exists since 1998. This is their second album so far, although they exist for so long. Their music mostly Doom Metal, but not the typical slow and heavy stuff. These guys are playing an even more interesting, still as heavy, variant, with touches from Irish music as well, and with instruments such as pianos, horns, and bodhran enriching the sound even more. The music is groovy, and sticks into your mind in no time. There are enough nice and unique ideas into the music here, and the band is exploring them as good as possible. The album is a concept, and is based on the battle of Clontarf, album from a different point of view that their debut one. Heavy and well played music, with enough folk elements, with enough melodies and changes that keep the listener's interest high until the end, this album is one of those that you should check out.

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