Wednesday, September 01, 2010

MALEVOLENT CREATION - Invidious Dominion

Malevolent Creation complete over 23 years of existence and this is their latest release, their eleventh so far. Eleven albums are quite a lot, and considering their style, this is really a huge achievement. The new album contains 11 tracks, one of them being an intro, and will certainly please all fans of the band.
It's Death Metal, the way everyone imagines it, it's brutal, aggressive, violent, with enough melodies though, touches of Thrash here and there, and so damn catchy. Few things can be said for the band from Florida, except that their style hasn't change all those years, despite the changes in the lineup. Songs with enough tempo changes, rather complex structures at times, with excellent, yet not the heavier or most brutal vocals around, very sick guitar riffing, and a solid rhythm section, this album will become a favorite for the fans in no time. What I enjoyed most, besides the intro, which can easily be skipped, is that the band starts it's blast from the first note, and doesn't stop until everyone is down on the ground. The songs are well written, with some nice ideas, the old-school feeling mentioned above, and the absence of less good moments works for the album. Last, but not least, comes the production which was made by no other than Erik Rutan, and gives some extra credits to the whole result. If you like old fashioned Death Metal, enriched with enough Thrash elements, do check this album. And if you happen to be around, this September when they are out with Exodus, get yourself a ticket, and go do some serious headbanging.


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