Monday, March 14, 2011

SHAKRA - Back In Track

With a new frontman, the Swiss Hardrockers, Shakra, come with their 8th release so far. My worries about new singer John Prakesh and what to expect from this new release, soon vanished. The opening track is a straightforward Hard Rock anthem, one of those you sing along while driving, in the usual style of the band. Melodic Hard Rock, well performed, full of catchy moments, and parts to sing along, is what to expect into this album. The singer is very good, and his voice fits perfectly with the style of the music. John Prakesh has a more harsh vocal, which gives a more "dirty" feeling the music, while on the more melodic tracks, also manages to give an excellent vocal performance. The arrangements are very good, there's diversity in the music, and there are enough interesting ideas that the band explored in this album. The music sounds fresh, a bit more hard than their previous release, but also bears all the trademarks of the Shakra sound. There's good music here, there's talent, tons of melodies, well performed songs, and maybe not a less good moment. An album that will please everybody, either fans of the band, or Hard Rock fans in general.


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