Wednesday, June 15, 2011

PAIN - You Only Live Twice

Here's the latest release of Pain, whose mastermind is a guy named Peter Tagtgren, much famous for his work with Hypocrisy, but also in charge of producing the sound of many bands. Pain is another aspect of the talent of this musician, who, while remaining on his aggressive roots, gives a nice and out of the ordinary perspective to his musical vision. According to the newsletter the style of music is Industrial Metal, a term that is partially true. But not always, and this is the interesting part. The music is both aggressive and catchy, with a lot of electronics, and melodic moments, and there are various influences blended together, into a very groovy music outfit. The electronics support the whole result, and adding a hi-tech feeling to the music, which makes a nice contradiction with the almost brutal vocals often used. There is a dark atmosphere in the whole album, that makes the result even more welcome. The songs are good, with nice ideas, parts to sing along, and no weak moments. If you are a fan of the band, then wait no more, and check them out. Also recommended for fans of the work of Peter Tagtgren in general.


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