Thursday, April 26, 2012

BEFORE THE DAWN - Rise Of The Phoenix

I have always been a huge fan of the Finnish Metal scene, and the way that they managed to create unbelievable music, no matter what style they chose to follow. Before The Dawn is a band that exists since 1999, and this is their latest release, since the departure of the bass player and the drummer. Choosing a somehow fitting title, they are back with an album that contains all the characteristics of the scene, something that will please all their fans. The band is playing music much closer to Melodic Death Metal, with brutal vocals, but also with a dark and somehow depressing atmosphere. With the melodies being the fist important thing here, and with diversity being the second, this album draws your attention and keeps you wanting for more. Clear parts following brutal moments, and vise versa, but all are happening in a very smooth way, without weakening the whole result in any way. The musicianship is excellent, in every aspect, from the clear keyboard melodies, to the brutal and groovy moments, everything is as close to perfection as Finnish bands have used us all those years. An equal good job has been done in the songwriting, with the band using some cliches here and there, but also enough nice ideas, all transformed into high quality music. Another thing worth mentioning is the way that the music sneaks into your mind. Either they are melodies, or faster and more groovy parts, they have a way to become favorites, so you 'll find yourself tapping your feet along with the double bass drumming or move your head along with the rhythm. With the band being on a very creative second youth, and with high quality music such as this, this album will be a favorite not only for the fans of the band, but also of all those that like to bang along with the Melodic Death Metal grooves.


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