Monday, July 16, 2012


The story of the band started in the beginning of 1990 in Sweden, and this is not a new album, but a carefully remastered release of their debut full length, plus some demos never released before, and material from the sessions and the live shows. I must admit that I didn't know the band, so it was also a good chance for me to explore the sound of a Swedish band that really had something to say. First of all, lets just try to explain what these guys are playing, and trust me it ain't easy. Based on Death Metal, their sound has all the brutality and aggression of the genre, plus the melodic moments one should expect from a Swedish Death Metal act, only in a bit more primitive way. But this is just the basement of their structure, since their music is much more complex than that, with constant changes, complicated structures, clear vocals and melodies that give a more Progressive nature to the songs. This doesn't make the sound less raw and brutal, just gives a very interesting approach to their music, and certainly makes the songs more time resistant. The arrangements are good enough, with a huge dose of Death Metal blending with some super groovy and catchy Thrash guitar riffs, brutal growling, and a solid rhythm section, and the ideas the band has are explored to the best possible way. What can be considered as a flaw though is that the album is quite lengthy, containing various versions of the same song, something that can be tiring at times. I am not sure if the band is underrated or not, what I can say is that they had some very innovative and rather strange ideas for the time, and realized them in a very efficient way. What now might seem as ordinary, twenty years ago was out of the question for most of the bands. So, thumbs up for their forward thinking, and fresh approach of creating music.


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