Friday, April 12, 2013


Hailing from Australia, this is the second album of the band, that plays music that is not for the weak. The band is playing a mix of Death Metal with plenty Deathcore influences, a style raw and intense enough that will leave most fans satisfied. While aggressive and brutal, the band is not neglecting the melodies, which might be few here and there, but work very good, and give a nice contradiction with the most brutal moments. The first thing to notice is the vocals, growling and brutal enough, the kind of vocals an album such as this should have. But on the other hand, they are have a variety and complete the music in the best possible way. Riffs are plenty and huge, well worked and groovy enough, and along with the rhythm section create music that will make you bang your head along from the first to the last minute. Besides giving the groove, there are melodies and solos here that are remarkably good, showing guitarists with talent. The arrangements are very good, with variety in tempo, with some interesting ideas, and although not straying from their Death Metal-Deathcore path, the band is exploring new territories, and tries new things, which is always a plus for an album. An equally good job has been done in the production, which is as clear as possible, without making the music sound fake or too shinny, but also giving room for all the instruments. With an album that is full of energy and good music, with songs that don't sound boring or repetitive at any moment, and with excellent musicianship, the second release of the Australians will be a huge step forward for their career. If you are a fan of extreme Metal you might want to give this a try.

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