Thursday, April 04, 2013

ULTRA-VIOLENCE - Privilege To Overcome

Named obviously after the legendary album of Death Angel, these young Italians, are releasing their debut album, an album that brings some of the feeling of the 80's Thrash scene. Being at their early 20's, the band has the spirit and energy for creating something ambitious and lightning fast, such as a good Thrash album, without avoiding some cliches and minor less good moments though. Having a huge influence mostly from Bay Area 80's scene, but also from the European, the band creates an album that combines the best of both worlds, and will please die hard Thrash bangers around the globe. The first thing to notice is that their music is full of riffs, and the frenzy rhythm will make you bang your head and tap your feet along. Along with the great guitar riffs, there's some melodies here and there, just to spice things a bit, and plenty of guitar solos, some of them really cool and well performed. Another interesting point is the vocals which are not the typical Thrash ones, but are somehow enriched by some Death Metal moments, giving a more modern approach to what can be called a retro Thrash album. Besides the Thrash, the band often enough experiments with Death Metal parts, often with a remarkable result. The arrangements are very good, at least the majority of them since this is a really lengthy album, with nice ideas, musicianship that shows a band with potential and talent, and an atmosphere which fans will like. Sometimes the influences of the band are rather obvious, from the Possessed-like distorted guitar solos to an Motorhead influenced intro, but at the end the album leaves a good impression, and will make you listening to it, again and again. For a debut album, and from such a young band, this is a release that will gain them some hype. It's well performed, fast, full of energy and great grooves, some surprises and few drawbacks, and your should definitely check it out.

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