Wednesday, July 17, 2013

OVERTURES - Entering The Maze

It has been ten years since the band saw the light of day in Gorizia, Italy, and the result has been two full length albums, plus this one, their third so far. To start with, the band is playing Power Metal, but has been influenced from various genres and styles, which are obvious through the album. There are moments where their music is closer to German Power, others where their Italian temperament prevails and their music is more melodic and catchy, and all these spiced up with touches of Progressive, to make things even more interesting. The music is definitely dominated by the vocals of Michele Guaitoli, who manages to change his vocal style according to the song, and does it with an ease that is sometimes amazing. Slow and melodic, harder and more harsh, high pitched, he always delivers with the same quality, and the versatility of his singing is maybe one of the bigger pros of the album. An equal transformation happens in the other areas of music as well, with the band creating songs with variety, that all are based on the same catchy-and-sing-along concept, but with each having each own personality, something that in the end leaves the listener eager for more. The songwriting is also very good, with songs that contain all the ingredients of a good Metal album, melody, grooves, good musicianship, memorable parts and enough headbanging, and surprisingly very few if not none less good moments. The album comes with DVD containing a video clip of their song Savior, a video clip of Fly, Angel, a Running Wild cover, and some tracks played live in the studio, plus some making of video clips. With high class musicianship, a remarkable performance by every musician, and with such a good songwriting, this album has all it takes to give a big push to the career of the band. It might not be the most innovative album, but talent and inspiration are here, so the result is far more that exciting.

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