Friday, July 12, 2013


This band comes from California, and this is their second album so far. This is the first time that I hear something from the band, and the only thing that comes in mind was a big WOW! Many of you might have heard their music but let me describe my experience on this sonic trip to heaviness. First of all, the band is playing some kind of Metal that is full of energy, and has some of the most huge guitar riffs I have ever heard. Their music has some serious balls, their guitars are distorted to the max, the rhythm section creates a wall of groove, the vocals sound way too pissed to ignore, and the whole thing sounds too damn catchy from start to finish. Right after a while, I found myself banging along with the groove, and soon was craving for more, eager to see what was next. Their sludgy distorted style of music really worked for me, and while I am not the biggest fan of this style, the album was a really pleasant surprise. There are no fancy things here, all sounds have been striped to the basic, but the result somehow hits right to the point. The rhythm moves from slow to mid tempo tunes, with occasional outbreaks to a higher speed, which enhances the heaviness. The whole music sounds like something really big and heavy is slowly moving, crushing all things on his way. On top of that Heavy and sometimes suffocating riff wars, comes the vocals, which come in various forms, making the songs even more interesting. Fast and pissed off, slower and brutal, growling, and even clear and melodic, all fit perfectly with the style of music. There's variety here although it needs some serious listening to discover, some really catchy melodic moments that stick into your mind, and a surprise that comes in the closing of the album, in the form of an one minute acoustic ballad. Low tuned and heavy as hell, with fitting vocals, perfect musicianship and enough diversity, this album is so amazing that you can't help but like it from the first spin.

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