Thursday, September 14, 2006

RAISE HELL - City Of The Damned

This is the latest release of the Swedish Thrash band that completes 10 years of existence. If I am not mistaken this is their fourth album so far, and the music here is a continuation of the Thrash Metal path that the band chose years ago with their previous works. Short and edgy riffs, semi-brutal vocals and music that is inspired by Sodom, mostly, and the whole German Thrash scene of the 80's, enriched with enough melodies and a personal touch, this album sounds like a perfect mixture between old School and modern Thrash. Catchy music, that manages to make your head banging along with the rhythm, nice ideas, well performed music, all these make this album a good deal for the fans of the style. After all, the band has prove his worth with the previous releases, and with this, things just got better.


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